National Tribunal Service

National Tribunal Service (NTS) will address the canonical matters connected to clergy discipline and canonical offences.

It will exercise jurisdiction exclusively in the canonical forum, although its competence will not be limited simply to the role of adjudication.  NTS's operational activity will extend to preliminary case evaluation as well as formation in professional regulatory procedures, evidence and other matters of canonical penal law (substantive and procedural). 

This will provide confidence that published standards are being upheld, and offers the possibility of enhanced impartiality, transparency and decision making in line with the practice of other professional regulatory bodies.


The NTS will operate to include prelimimary case evaluations, adjudication of cases at First Instance, adjudication of cases at Second Instance and the fulfillment of an educative function.


To support further understanding of the work of the NTS, for both Religious and those in Dioceses, the first in a series of Frequently Asked Questions has been produced. These set out the basics of what happens at the moment and how the NTS will make a difference.  This is intended to be an initial overview only and subsequent editions will cover a different aspect each time. 

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The NTS will be a company limited by guarantee with a Board of Directors having appropriate skills.  This will include Directors qualified in Canon Law, as well as experts in good governance.  The appointment of Directors will be by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.