Religious Life

Safeguarding Service

Religious Life Groups bring their own charism and richness to life in the Catholic Church and safeguarding arrangements do not currently fit this. To better serve the needs of Religious Life Groups, a new dedicated safeguarding service will be created to replace the current alignment arrangements with Dioceses in England and Wales. 


The service provision will be to give the members the same services currently provided for within the alignment agreement, namely implementing good safeguarding practice in its member organisations, providing on-going case advice, case management or acting when allegations are received, facilitating training and development, as well as ensuring national safeguarding policies and procedures are implemented in line with the ‘One Church’ strategy to safeguarding.

Relationship with CSSA

Religious Life Groups, including those who become members of the CSSA, will enter into formal contractual arrangements with this voluntary regulator.  The CSSA will audit and oversee both the quality of service of the resource as well as how Religous Life Group members respond to safeguarding advice, training and case management work provided to them by the resource. 

Further detail will follow as the work around contracts develops, including consultation. 


As part of establishing the best operational model for the service, a series of meetings are bring held with Relgious Life Groups.  This wide consultation is to ensure that the development of the service meets the needs of the groups it serves.  The slides and FAQs arising after the meeting can be found below.